Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 Logo

I liked Far Cry 3. I laugh at Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, with its 80’s over the top camp. It was a lot of fun.  That being said, I really liked Far Cry 4. It’s a gorgeous setting with a vibrant culture. It definitely pulls heavily from Nepal and India in its aesthetics and even some of the conflict that your character, Ajay Ghale, is pulled into. Continue reading


Non-video game update

I’ve needed a new computer, as my old one was about 5 years old and not up to par on the graphics end of the game. Add in the fact I think it drove everyone in my home crazy given that it sounded like an airplane taking off anytime I played, it was time for a new one. So now that i have a nicer newer computer, I will probably be playing more games.

I have an update pending and should get that out here soon.

A.R.K: Survival Evolved

Hello, folks, it’s been a while! I’m really sorry for the long absence. I grew disinterested from writing this. Felt no one read, or no one cared. I recently realized who cares? It doesn’t matter. I write these because I enjoy the games I play. So, I’m back. I hope to write at least once a month on games I enjoy.

So on to the first game of the year!

 photo ARKtitlesplash_zpsxbixgwn5.png

ARK: Survival splash load screen

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A Life in Tyria – Citizens of Tyria

Since the wardrobe and dye changes to Guild Wars 2, there’ve been a lot of creative costumes to be found in Tyria. I know I’ve benefited. Especially when I started doing PVP and all those PVP outfits were added to my wardrobe. Yay for not having to run dungeons fifty billion times to get gear! I enjoy going around, running through Tyria and finding a variety of people to snap screenshots of. Sometimes, I forget their names. So if you ever see anyone you know who has been captured in a shot by me, please, let me know who they are so I can credit them! Continue reading

A Life in Tyria – Just some changes

So I was going to follow around the life of Kylar for this but then Kylar underwent a class, then gender change…for various reasons. So, instead A Life in Tyria will show off screen caps I get as my various characters travel through Tyria. I’ll try and get ones of the recent storylines. So first up are some older images I’ve had stored here on The Tyger’s Playground.

Queensdale - Overlooking Godslost Swamp

A gorgeous view I stumbled on while playing my ranger – overlooking Godslost Swamp – Queensdale

Screenshot from the Brisbane Wild Map

A fountain plant and impressive tree in the south-west corner of the Brisbane Wilds

Kodan Sanctuary

Kodan Sanctuary in Frostgorge Sound

Dredge Underground Mine - Frostgorge Sound

Dredge Underground Mine – Frostgorge Sound

A Life In Tyria – Opening Battle

I do apologize it’s been so long. After the last Life in Tyria post, I couldn’t play much as the connection where I am staying wasn’t stable enough. Luckily that has been fixed so I plan to post some more on Kylar’s adventures. So let’s pick up where I left off.

Once you’re done creating you’re character you’re introduced to a video montage of the character going over what you just created with them, showing generally the NPCs you’ll be dealing with for the first ten levels, or so, of missions. Once that is done you’re dropped into the middle of some mission, quest or battle, depending on your race. For Kylar, it’s the defense of Shaemoor. Now a savvy Guild Wars: Prophecy player will remember the name Shaemoor. Yes, it’s the same village. You have to save it from attacking centaurs.

Defending Shaemoor

Well, this can’t be good


Didn’t anyone ever tell you, volunteering isn’t a good idea?


Hands out of the ground…never good…never good


That’s bad…


Oh, yay! I lived…


Remember Me: Playing With Memories

Remember Me Title Splash

Remember Me Title Splash

When I first heard of Remember Me, a game by Capcom and Dontnod, I know I liked the concept of it. It had a female lead. It was an interesting concept. Then…I kind of forgot about it. So recently, Steam had the game on sale, half off, which coincided with the game also getting a nice little reduction in price, half off. So, I picked it up. And I’m glad I did. I am very glad I did.

Nilin, the protagonist


You play as Nilin, who escapes after having most of her memory wiped for being a criminal. As the story goes on, you learn that Nilin was an Errorist, a group of Memory Hunters who believed that memory manipulation and erasures wasn’t a good thing and were using the tech to show how bad it could be. You learn that Nilin was the best and after a job, The storyline takes you through the elite areas of Neo-Paris all the way down to the truly forgotten areas of Neo-Paris. There is a great deal of back story explaining the history and how Paris became Neo-Paris.

Fire Underground

Fire Underground

Graphically this game is gorgeous. Sometimes the people seem a little, shiny but the game is beautiful. It does wonderful juxaposition of the slums with the high-end tech corporations. (As seen below).  I was mesmerized by this game the first time through, seeing all the ways they graphically represented this world. They easily made it so I didn’t want to go into the darker areas, fearing to be attacked by the ‘leapers’, people who’ve been so far gone on their memory issues that it’s impossible to say they’re human anymore. Look at the fire in the above image, that is some of the best fire I’ve seen in a game.

Old and new

Old, New and Forgotten

I do have a knock on the combat of Remember Me. It felt, clunky, which could simply be because I’m a keyboard and mouse PC player. I didn’t try unearthing my controller and playing, mostly because I am running out of  USB ports. On the mouse, you use left click to punch and right click to kick. However to string combos you had to remember your ‘Pressens’ or known combos and I couldn’t do that. I just hit things. A lot. Of course, as the game moved on, you unlocked things like a logic bomb, which is similar to a concussion grenade  by overloading the Sensen (how memories are accessed).  You have the ability for a DDOS attack which stuns nearly everyone and lets you whale on them for a few seconds. As the game progressed, I really relied on those more than the combos.

Another aspect of the game, which I felt was underutilized, was Nilin’s ability to remix memories. You only use it, maybe, once per chapter, and I think even then it’s less than that. You have the ability to recreate memories so that the person remembers it differently, affecting how they view  you, the world and even their actions. I felt it was a unique aspect of the ame that the developers could have utilized even more than they did. They do play with the ability to ‘download’ someone’s memories and then accessing it to remember ways through areas, ways through puzzles in the game but again, it felt more like an add on and not an everyday aspect of who Nilin was.

Forgotten Past

Forgotten Past

Overall, I did enjoy this game. It was well written, gorgeous and for me, it did raise a lot of questions about how technology can advance and what boundaries do we make? The idea of the brain becoming an organic hard drive and being easily erasable, and controlled, and not necessarily by yourself, but by, really anyone with the know how, is an interesting one. How does the world adjust and cope? How does the human brain deal with the loss of memories? What happens to those memories we delete or rewrite?



Remember Me

  • Story –  9
  • Playability – 7
  • Visual Appeal – 9
  • Overall – 8.5


Eye Catching…Half Life 2 in Unreal Engine 3!

Normally I don’t post stuff like this, most people see it elsewhere but given I’d just posted about Half-Life 2 and how gorgeous it was as a game, especially considering it’s age, this really was interesting.  The basic synopsis is, someone has a lot of skill and free time and has ported, remaking the intro level of Half-Life 2 on to the Unreal Engine 3. Take a look at the photos in the link, it’s freaking gorgeous!

I really hope we can keep up with the gentleman doing this and see how it goes. It definitely is a very impressive feat.