Video Game #1: Crysis

I’m a video game addict.  I enjoy playing them, and while I’m not a technical expert or a professional judge of video games, I know what I like.  I’ll rate games on playability, story line, and how likely I am to play it again.

Crysis Cover


The first game up is a game that was released by Crytek Studios, Crysis, in 2007. I didn’t pick it up until late 2010. It’s a very graphic intense game and from all reports that I read, was barely able to be handled by the graphic cards of its time.  Needless to say my card that I recently bought was able to handle this game just fine.

Storyline wise, the game isn’t super imaginative but there are worse out there. You play Nomad, a US SpecOps sent to an island in the Pacific, with your squad, to find out what’s happened to a team of archeologists when the North Koreans took over the island. Needless to say, it starts bad…and doesn’t get any better. Between the North Koreans and Aliens, it’s just a really bad day for Nomad and his Raptor team.

The game is rather straightforward in it’s play. It’s a first person shooter (FPS).  You have several ways to customize the weapons you find through out the game from silencers to flashlights to types of ammo.  The neat part of Crysis, and it’s sequels, is the Nanosuit. This is a cutting edge suit that gives Nomad an edge over the enemy. There’s four modes – Armor, Speed, Strength and Cloak. The two I used the most was Cloak and Armor. Speed is used sometimes out of necessity of travelling to point A to point B. Strength was used when I had to punch through and break things. I didn’t get the ability to use the suit to it’s full capabilities down but I suspect that comes with practice.

Overall, I rather like the game and will play it again at some point.

  • Story – 7
  • Playability – 7
  • Visual Appeal – 9

Overall – 8



2 thoughts on “Video Game #1: Crysis

  1. I wish I was able to do any PC gaming (right now I can’t do ANY current-gen gaming) because this game actually appeals to me. I’m not the biggest FPS fan, but hey, mentions of archaeology make me happy.

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