On The Big Screen: Real Steel

So, it’s been a while since I’ve done a movie review nearly right after seeing a movie in the theater. I’ve seen a lot of good ones – Thor, Captain America. Green Lantern wasn’t horrible as a movie but I’m not DC Comics fan so it wasn’t something I was into beyond it being a movie with Ryan Reynolds. I also saw Straw Dogs which was good. But this review is about a movie I saw this weekend with Hugh Jackman headlining: Real Steel.

Real Steel Movie Poster

It was a fun movie to watch. Basic synopsis is Hugh Jackman plays Charlie Keaton, a former boxer who got shoved aside as robots took over the boxing ring who happens to be an underground robot-boxer. He is summoned to court to sign over custody of his son, Max, played by Dakota Goyo, who was also Young Thor in the recent Thor movie. However due to other things, he winds up taking the kid in for the summer and when the boy finds a sparring bot, they work together to take things to the top.

It’s a very good movie. Hugh Jackman does a stellar performance as Charlie. Dakota really is a young actor to watch. The kid can act and I hope to see great things from the boy as he grows up. If he keeps acting in quality movies like this, I don’t see that being an issue.

It rates 4.5 out of 5 for me. I definitely will get this when it comes out on DVD.



3 thoughts on “On The Big Screen: Real Steel

  1. I had a hard time taking any of the previews for “Real Steel” seriously, because it just seemed like “Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots: The Gritty Reboot.”

    I do like Hugh Jackman as an actor, though, and I’ve mostly heard favorable things about the movie… so I may actually have to give it a fair chance.

    • Considering I’ve read where that kinda was the inspiration for the movie, you’re not far off. But it’s got good acting, and a relatively decent story too. I feel that in some areas it could have been stronger but at the same time, given it’s a Disney/family oriented movie, it was damn good.

  2. It’s actually based on a short story by Richard Matheson (Stir of Echoes, I Am Legend, Hell House, What Dreams May Come, Button Button — Hell House became a movie in the 70s called Legend of Hell House, and Button Button most recently was made into a movie called The Box) called “Steel.” I’m interested to read this story now.

    I thought this movie was great and really further showed Jackman’s acting abilities. Knowing from interviews and such that he’s a fantastic dad who is devoted to his children, it was interesting to see him play Charlie, who isn’t a devoted father. At all. At first. It was also hilarious to see the kid snark back at him.

    I will also admit that I liked it that even though the kid plays video games, you don’t see him doing that in the movie. In fact, he uses his intellect and creativity to improve Atom. Style and panache in the ring won out over all the video game boys who were busy using video game-like controls over the other robots. That might be bitchy of me to say, but after all the video game geeking out I hear every where, it was nice to see something “old fashioned” make a comeback.

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