Video Game #2: Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol Cover

The cover of Alpha Protocol, video game from Sega and Obsidian Entertainment

This is the next game I’ve chosen to review – Alpha Protocol. It’s a great game. A cross between an RPG and a first-person shooter. I was hoping that there’d be a sequel but sadly, at this time, there aren’t any plans for it. There are issues for it. You can find articles online about how the combat was awkward, or flawed. I didn’t see it so much but most people who write up games are much more hardcore in their gaming than I am. I found the combat, once I got used to it, rather easy. Okay, so someone who is shooting me should take me down before I karate chop someone to death but hey, feeling invincible is always fun. But the strength of this game isn’t about the combat, but about the story and level of player choice.

The main character in the story is Agent Michael Thorton, he has a standard base look that you can fully customize as well as a customizable base of skill. You can choose presets or choose whatever you wish. The main thing about Alpha Protocol is you choose how to play. There’s little that isn’t up to the player. Want to be a gun-blazing type? Pick the skills that work. Want to be a sneaky spy type? Again, choose. Want to be a tech nerd? Again, you choose. Of course, it helps to pick a few skills and specialize and not a little of them all. Just like any RPG.

Storyline wise, this game shines. You’re sent to track down missiles that went missing. After that, you wind up navigating a complicated path, trying to find who is responsible. Each decision has consequences that resonate further down the game. If you’ve played the Mass Effect or Dragon Age series by Bioware, it’s like that but deeper. Much deeper. Kill someone early on, you may regret it at the end of the game. Let someone live, and something may happen causing you to regret that decision later.

I enjoyed this game a great deal. I felt that it was a strong game and deserves a sequel. However, I’m not the one making those decisions. Often now you can find this game to pick up rather cheap. I’d recommend doing it and playing it. It has a lot of replay value due to the decisions made affecting your outcome.

My ratings for this game:

  • Story – 8
  • Playability – 9
  • Visual Appeal – 7

Overall: 8



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