A Life In Tyria – A Guild Wars 2 Exploration – Character Creation – Classes

This is a continuation of the post found here. This time I’m going to go over the classes in Guild Wars 2.

In most games, you have the tank, the healer and someone who does support. or in most of the D&D groups, you have a fighter, a thief and a sorcerer. Usually only one class can heal, which sucks because sometimes the healer isn’t paying attention. Guild Wars 2 doesn’t do that. Every class can heal and boost their party. All can, usually, hold their own and deal a great deal of damage. You just have to play them right.

Guild Wars 2 divides its professions into three categories. Soldier – which are the heavies, this includes the Guardian and Warrior classes. Adventurer – these are the medium armored classes, including the Thief, Engineer and Ranger. The final group are the scholars, or light armored classes, such as the Elementalist, Mesmer and Necromancer.

Guild Wars 2 - Guardian Icon


So starting with the Guardian profession, I will admit, this is the one I, currently, like the most. The Guardian strikes me as the sort of cleric/paladin of the Guild Wars 2 universe. They’re more defensive minded than offensive but can still wallop a punch. The weapons they use include greatsword, hammer, shield, one-handed sword, mace, scepter and staff. The range for the scepter and staff aren’t much, and honestly I don’t use them on my guardian, Tearlag, at all. Guardians have a lot of buffing built in. They also deal with a lot of healing. For example with the shield I can push someone back and heal everyone in my bubble. Another skill allows me to teleport to the person with the lowest health and give them some health. Very much a cleric/paladin class. Doesn’t help that anything like the Engineer’s healing turret or medkits have the guardian symbol on them. Often in-game, this is shortened to ‘guard’.

Guild Wars 2 - Warrior


Next up is the Warrior. The warrior is the tank of the Guild Wars 2 universe. They get darn nearly every weapon but the short range weapons, such as shortbow and pistol, the dagger or the magical weapons – staff and scepter and focus. They use shouts and banners to buff themselves and allies as well as signets which have passive skills and activation skills. A well-played warrior is a beast on the playing field and can easily handle some of the harder denizens of the Guild Wars 2 universe. Often in-game, this is shortened to ‘war’

Guild Wars 2 - Thief Icon


For the adventurers we’ll start with the thief. The thief is the Guild Wars 2 equivalent of the D&D rogue. You can boost their traits with the ability to hit harder from the side and behind. Thieves tend to be the squishier of the adventurer classes, it seems, talking with other players who play thieves. Thieves have daggers, sword, shortbow, and pistols as their weapons of choice. They can shadow step in and out of combat, use venom to cause condition damages. They’re a good class to bring in if you have someone else who can hold the enemies attentions, such as a warrior or guardian. Backstabbing is always fun.

Guild Wars 2 - Ranger Icon


The ranger is a fun class to play. The signature of a ranger is their pet. Pets are charmed all over Tyria and range from spiders to cats to canines and others unique to the world of Tyria. They are able to use bows, both long and short, swords, warhorn. They, like the warrior, get signets, though not as many. They have shouts for their pets to boost them as well as nature spirits and traps. I find that this class is a good solo class in that you can buff your pet to tank for you while you knock someone off at range. Not being hit means not dying and that is always nice.

Guild Wars 2 - Engineer Icon


The last of the adventurer classes is the Engineer. To be honest, it’s taken me a long time to like this class. I’ve done several iterations and only recently have I gotten to understand this class a little. Thanks to my guildmate, Lord Greystone, for that assistance. Engineers are very limited on what weapons they can equip – pistols and shield and rifle. That’s it. They also don’t get the ability to switch their weapon set like other classes. Now, where they make up for the weapon limitation is in their skills. Engineers have ‘kits’ ranging from elixers, that boost the part, to grenades, to a flamethrower (so much fun!). They have turrets for healing, rifles, flame throwing, nets, rockets, you get the point. So they can  have set up that sets them from bombs to grenades to flamethrower with the touch of a button. Definitely does a lot of damage through conditions, such as bleeding, flames, poison. It’s become fun to play. Often in-game, this is shortened to ‘engi’.

Guild Wars 2 - Elementalist Icon


Now onto the ‘Scholar’ classes, starting with the Elementalist. The elementalist is the elemental magic user. They use fire, earth, water and air to cast spells. They do this with scepters, staffs and daggers. They, like the Engineer, can’t swap their weapons while in combat but they can quickly switch their elements. They’re very good for area of effect damage (AOE) and applying conditions. An elementalist focused on the water spells can also be a healing force. They can summon elemental beings to fight along side them, usually drawing attention away from themselves. They have glyphs and signets as well as other boosting spells to protect themselves. In-game they are often called ‘ele’.

Guild Wars 2 - Mesmer Icon


Mesmers are the illusionists of the game. They depend on illusions of themselves to attack their enemies. They can call on phantoms to attack enemies. They also have signets to boost themselves. They use mantras – which are meditations that give you a spell to do to your enemies. They have glamors. The mesmer is all about ‘tricking’ the opponent into tattcking something else as they attack you or forcing their attack back on themselves. One of their more popular spells is the portal giving the ability to bypass enemies, hard parts of jumping puzzles among other sundry uses.

Guild Wars 2 - Necromancer Icon


The last of the professions, and the last of the Scholars is the Necromancer. Necromancers are the death magic users. They can create undead minions, cast wells that cause conditiosn on enemies and  steal health as they attack. Signets again are here for the Necromancer, often causing conditions upon activation or stealing life. They also get the ability to go spectral, in which they take no damage to their hit points but drain a meter that’s powered by the life force they steal from opponents. Once this runs out they head back to normal. It can be a good way to buy time to let a heal skill recharge. They are also called, in-game, Necros.


Images taken from the Guild Wars 2 Wiki, no copyright infringement intended.

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