A Life in Tyria – Character Creation – Creating a Character

So here we are at the point I’d wanted to get to in the first post but had quickly realized that all the information I wanted to put into it would have been a lot. So I broke it down. Now we’ll create a character that this blog will follow. I’ll try not to reveal too much story line spoilers (though I know you can find it all out there on the net.) At this point I will also probably bring in things from some of my other characters, depending on how this goes. Not often but every once in a while, especially with the continual updates.

So let’s start! First thing you’ll see and I forgot to get a screen shot of it is a window and it will have some grey squares, click one and it will take you to the next screen as seen here:

Racial Selection Screen - GW2

Select a race. Any race!

So I picked human. Now I adore the artwork on these pages. I like the kinda sketchy-painty detailed but not detailed quality of these screens.

Next screen is your gender selection. Male or Female.

Gender Selection

Einey Meany Miney Moe!

I selected male. I prefer playing male characters. Guild Wars 2 has some decent armor for females but I still prefer the male armor. What can I say? Bikini armor doesn’t protect the vitals! (Not that there’s really much in the way of bikini armor in Guild Wars 2…I think). Then we’re at the class selection screen.

Class Selection

What? More options?!

I selected warrior. Ain’t that armor spiffy?

Creating the look

And now there’s a lot more options…

As you can see, you don’t start with the spiffy looking armor. Just some simple chainmail. Now on this screen you do get to go through options. Here you seelect how tall you want the character – I have a penchant to make my characters tall. I had a sylvari male mistaken for a norn with his hood on. You can choose physique, hair style, facial hair. On the norn, you get to select tattoos. On the sylvari you get what is called a glow, where a light goes with their breathing and in darker places. You then can choose to select eye colors, and tweak the face until it is what you want. The very last option is coloring the armor. You can really choose anything.


I can pull this off!

Choices Choices and more choices

Choices Choices and more choices

So at this point each class will be slightly different. For the warrior they can choose between a helm, typically received at level 10 or shoulder guards, also usually received at level 10. I selected the no helmet option. I don’t like any of the helmets you could pick at this point.

Approach to trouble


This is on all classes. You can select how your character approaches life. The more you use one the different responses you can have with different NPCs. You can even ‘mix and match’ the responses and get different options.


Centaurs raised me.

At this point, racial decisions come into play. Each racial class has different options for this screen. For my human I had street rat, commoner and noble. I’d done noble already so, I chose commoner. Now, you’ll also learn all of them are interrelated which is very cool.

More selections!

I regret…NOTHING!

This is another racial screen. Again, it will be different per your race. In this one, I picked not joining the circus. Seriously, I want to join a circus.

I worship...

I choose…uh…you.

This is another racial based screen. I haven’t seen where it affects anything in game, yet. For humans, you pick between the six Gods – Dwayna, Grenth, Balthazar, Melandru, Lyssa and Kormir. For Sylvari, it’s which of cycle you were born in. For Asura, it’s which adviser. For Norn, which Spirit of the Wild. The charr on this screen pick their sire, which does affect gameplay. I chose Balthazar for the warrior.

Now, me being the dingbat I am, I forgot to grab the last screen – which is where it summarizes what you’ve chosen and then you name the character.

Everyone, meet Kylar Reinier!

On a sidenote – if you hover over the A Life In Tyria on the menu bar, there is now a Screenshot gallery. To keep it organized it is divided into the four regions of Tyria, at this time. I won’t be posting when I add something up there, so keep an eye out.


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