Video Game #5: The Portal Games

Portal Cover


Portal 2

Portal 2

Yes, this is two games in one post, so sue me. Please don’t. I have no money.

I know that the first Portal game has been out for nearly seven years. The second has been out for nearly three. Yet, I’m well behind in the times on certain games; Valve games in particular. I bought the first Portal a long time ago in an Orange Box deal on Steam. Then I got Portal 2, despite never playing Portal. I started Portal, then got frustrated with it and quit. Yes, I rage quit. I do that a lot. Recently I decided to give it another go, and found I liked it. And was better at it than I had been that first time.That translated well over to the second one which didn’t give me as much trouble as I’d had trying to figure out the first one.

The first portal was interesting, considering I, surprisingly, came into the game only knowing a few things about it. One, the cake was a lie. Two, that you made orange and blue portals to pass through. Throwing oneself through the portals was hard for me. I raged quit a lot. Finally, after a year or so hiatus to it, I came back and was able to logic puzzle my way through it. The game was interesting. It had a very basic story that left you curious, wanting to know more about Chelle. I loved GLaDOS’ snarkiness. There isn’t much for design but the feel of being a rat in a maze and the parts not in the actual testing area, were well done. Definitely a game I plan to go back and play to get all the achievements.

As much as I had fun with Portal, I think Portal 2 was a much better game over all. It gave more answers raised in the first game, but at the same time, still raised questions which weren’t really answered in the game, like who is Chelle. Teasers are given but it’s never fully stated. Portal 2 also takes you well out of the generic testing rooms, and gives you some new toys to play with, like the conversion gel, which changes surfaces so you can use your portal gun.  The protagonist from the first game, GLaDOS definitely grows and is a much more interesting character. Wheatley is just hilarious.

I haven’t played co-op yet as I’d need to find a co-op partner but from what I’ve seen it looks like it could be hilarious.


  • Story – 6
  • Playability – 8
  • Visual Appeal – 7
  • Overall – 7

Portal 2

  • Story – 7
  • Playability – 8
  • Visual Appeal – 8
  • Overall – 7.5

There you have it, my thoughts on the Portal series.


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