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I don’t consider myself an Indie gamer. Nor do I consider myself a ‘mainstream’ gamer. I just consider myself a gamer. If it has something that intrigues me, then I’ll play it. However, I’ll admit my tastes have for a long time run more mainstream than taking the chance on unknowns, and honestly, I am discovering, shame on me. Very much a shame on me. In the last few weeks I’ve started playing several indie games from a variety of developers and have had a blast with them.

A lot of that has come from several for my friends working with a site called It is a new site having just launched ‘officially’ on February 1st. It’s a website dedicated to exposing those hidden gems and bringing them to a wider audience. I know that this has worked for me. It has well written articles, giving opinions on indie game news. It has the all important reviews. It even gives advice to those new to indie gaming. On top of all that they have a Twitch channel where you can watch contributors stream the various games they are enjoying. has a presence on Steam as well as Facebook.

Everyone there is really great, they’re friendly and they’re knowledgeable. Everyone has a gaming preference and I feel that having a resource that explores the items not so heard about is awesome. It sure has helped me find several games which I have come to love and went out to buy or just to keep an eye on as they come to their final versions.


Come visit

So head on over, poke around and stick around as this Indie News site grows!


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