A Life In Tyria – Opening Battle

I do apologize it’s been so long. After the last Life in Tyria post, I couldn’t play much as the connection where I am staying wasn’t stable enough. Luckily that has been fixed so I plan to post some more on Kylar’s adventures. So let’s pick up where I left off.

Once you’re done creating you’re character you’re introduced to a video montage of the character going over what you just created with them, showing generally the NPCs you’ll be dealing with for the first ten levels, or so, of missions. Once that is done you’re dropped into the middle of some mission, quest or battle, depending on your race. For Kylar, it’s the defense of Shaemoor. Now a savvy Guild Wars: Prophecy player will remember the name Shaemoor. Yes, it’s the same village. You have to save it from attacking centaurs.

Defending Shaemoor

Well, this can’t be good


Didn’t anyone ever tell you, volunteering isn’t a good idea?


Hands out of the ground…never good…never good


That’s bad…


Oh, yay! I lived…



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