A Life in Tyria – Citizens of Tyria

Since the wardrobe and dye changes to Guild Wars 2, there’ve been a lot of creative costumes to be found in Tyria. I know I’ve benefited. Especially when I started doing PVP and all those PVP outfits were added to my wardrobe. Yay for not having to run dungeons fifty billion times to get gear! I enjoy going around, running through Tyria and finding a variety of people to snap screenshots of. Sometimes, I forget their names. So if you ever see anyone you know who has been captured in a shot by me, please, let me know who they are so I can credit them!

Tyria's Wonder Woman

Tyria has it’s own Wonder Woman!

This is one of the ones who I unfortunately don’t know. I’m not a huge Wonder Woman fan, being a Marvel fan-girl and not huge on DC but I loved the fact that it was instantly recognizable as the super-heroine. If you know who this player is, let me know so I can properly credit.

Rainbow Norn

Rainbow Norn!

I was surprised by the bright multitude of color from this guy! I whispered him and let him know I was impressed and managed to get him to hold still for a screenshot. I told him he was pretty cool for eschewing the normal and going all out on the bright. Again, I forgot to write his name down, let me know if you know who this bright Norn is!

Falris Silvermoon, Warrior, South Seas Trading Co Ltd [SoSe]

Falris Silvermoon, Warrior, South Seas Trading Co Ltd [SoSe]

This was the only one where I had the presence of mind to capture a shot with the HUD up. So I luckily know who this fine person is. As someone who plays Sylvari a lot. (I only have 3 of them), I know how hard it can be to get the armor colors to go with your skin color and I was very impressed with this classy coloring.

Chronicles of Tyria [CoT] Group Shot

Chronicles of Tyria [CoT] Group Shot

This last shot is of my lovely guild, Chronicles of Tyria after a Saturday evening guild mission. Unfortunately I don’t remember who everyone is. I suck with names and we have a lot of newer (to me) members that joined while I was on hiatus from Guild Wars 2. The ones I do know I’ll do my best to point out. The two humans in the center, the male in blue is Jalinar, and the female is Kaysee, two of our officers. The big giant Charr is Anavari. The sideways facing Sylvari in green and pink is Alaska. The half-naked human behind Anavari is Aster. So if any of my guildies awant to help identify the rest, go for it!


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