Far Cry 4

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I liked Far Cry 3. I laugh at Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, with its 80’s over the top camp. It was a lot of fun. ┬áThat being said, I really liked Far Cry 4. It’s a gorgeous setting with a vibrant culture. It definitely pulls heavily from Nepal and India in its aesthetics and even some of the conflict that your character, Ajay Ghale, is pulled into. Continue reading


Non-video game update

I’ve needed a new computer, as my old one was about 5 years old and not up to par on the graphics end of the game. Add in the fact I think it drove everyone in my home crazy given that it sounded like an airplane taking off anytime I played, it was time for a new one. So now that i have a nicer newer computer, I will probably be playing more games.

I have an update pending and should get that out here soon.