Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 Logo

I liked Far Cry 3. I laugh at Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, with its 80’s over the top camp. It was a lot of fun.  That being said, I really liked Far Cry 4. It’s a gorgeous setting with a vibrant culture. It definitely pulls heavily from Nepal and India in its aesthetics and even some of the conflict that your character, Ajay Ghale, is pulled into.

The game starts out on a bus with a voice over stating that it isn’t recommended to travel to Kryat, the country where all this takes place. At a checkpoint, things get very…’out of hand’, to quote the poor NPC soldier in that scene.  It is here you meet Pagan Min, a very interesting villain in the game.

Pagan Min

Pagan and Ajay

Ajay really only wants to honor his mother’s final wishes and lay to rest her ashes at Lakashima. He has no idea where that is except in Kyrat. After  Pagan’s men screw up the meeting, he’s whisked away one of Pagan’s minion’s home for supper. Dinner is interrupted when the other guest is revealed as a rebel. After being told to stay put, Ajay decides to investigate the screams he hears. Is that ever a good idea? That embarks you on the game with the Golden Path, a rebellious group founded by Ajay’s parents.

The young man is presented with choices between two leaders who couldn’t be more at odds with one another – Amita and Sabal. Neither seems to really want to see the other’s point of view.

Through out the game you’re given chances to find journals, meet some interesting characters (like pot-smoking Brits – Yogi and Reggie.). Some of the journals challenge what you learn from others in the game about the past.

Scenic View

Overall, the game play is very similar to Far Cry 3. You have outposts to capture to make life easier as you spread into other zones. You have numerous side missions from blowing up caravans to breaking down propaganda radio towers to hunting specific creatures for a designer who wants to make you manly-fierce. You also have missions that send you into other ‘realms’ of Kyrat’s history, exploring the history of Kyrat’s religious side.

Personally, I enjoyed the game a great deal. It was fun to run around, blow things up, ride elephants into battle that fling trucks around. I couldn’t exactly stand Amita or Sabal. They were too contentious and whined about the each other holding them back, not realizing that they both were at fault. Most of the time after dealing with them, I wanted to just side with Pagan Min and deal with the rebellion leaders harshly.

Pagan’s lines with you are often funny and interesting. He doesn’t seem upset with you, he doesn’t seem anything other than bemused and pushing you to think about the path your taking, an interesting take for a villain.

Definitely a game I would recommend if you like this genre of games. I look forward to seeing what Ubisoft does with Far Cry: Primal and the rest of the Far Cry series.


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